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Welcome to Vocal Music


The vocal music program offers a variety of courses designed to involve students in all aspects of music - performing, creating and listening.  Students work towards developing a high level of performance ability in voice, while individual creativity is encouraged through the study of the elements of music (melody, harmony and rhythm), song-writing techniques and improvisation.  Music history topics broaden the student’s musical knowledge.  Exposure to a wide variety of live and recorded performances, guest artists, music festivals and performing ensembles encourage the students to become well-rounded musicians.


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  • Will I have to sing in front of others?

    Yes.  Grade 9 students entering the program will be singing for the class on the first or second day of school.  This helps the students overcome nervousness and contribute to the formation of a positive learning environment in the classroom.  Students will become more comfortable singing in front of others and exploring music performance.

  • Will I always be able to choose my solo performance songs?

    Not always.  Students will often be able to choose their own song, but within the frame of the unit we are working on. For example, if we are learning about Jazz, the student will have to stick to repertoire that fits the criteria.  Sometimes the teacher will make selections for the students.

  • Is the whole course built on solo and duet singing?

    No.  Students will typically perform two or three solos (including an opportunity to sing a duet) throughout the semester.  Ensemble and choral singing are foundations of the program and are where students will learn about vocal balance and blend.

  • Will I have to sing in a choir?

    Yes.  Students in the vocal music program will sing in a choir as a part of their class work as well as have the opportunity to join co-curricular choirs outside of class-time.

  • Will I be required to get involved in the co-curricular choirs at lunch and after school?

    Yes.  Students in the vocal music program will sing in a choir as a part of their class work as well as have the opportunity to join co-curricular choirs outside of class-time.


    Will I be required to get involved in the co-curricular choirs at lunch and after school?

    No, but all arts students are required to join co-curricular arts activities each semester.  All arts students and their parents sign an agreement/contract at the audition acknowledging that the student will be involved in co-curricular arts activities.


    The co-curricular groups are an important part of the Arts Education program and where most of the fun happens!  If you are not interested in joining one of the many co-curricular arts activities, (example: concert band, theatre groups, drawing or mural club, performing dance troupe, etc) then joining a choir makes perfect sense…especially for a vocal music student!


    The co-curricular choirs are where the students will be able to explore more popular and current music styles than the repertoire that is studied in class.

  • When do the co-curricular choirs rehearse?

    There are several vocal groups (big and small) that meet at lunch and/or after school. Please listen to announcements and see Mr. Ostrander for more details.

  • What kind of performance opportunities will I have?

    There are many performance opportunities throughout the year.  Students are encouraged to get involved as much as they can. Performances include; the musical, Variety, Special Awards Ceremony, Road Show, CTV/Lions Club Telethon, Christmas/Holiday Assembly, Coffee Houses, class recitals, Northern Ontario Music Festival, Kiwanis Music Festival, MusicFest Canada, Spring Music Concert, Let’s Dance, Rainbow District School Board Retirement Dinner and Graduation, just to name a few.


    Sudbury Secondary School vocal groups are in high demand and the program receives requests for performances at various dinners and special events throughout the year.

  • I am a male who loves to sing, but my voice is changing.  Should I audition for one of the other arts instead of vocal music?

    You should audition for the art form your are passionate about.  If that is vocal music, you shouldn’t let a changing voice get in your way.  The teachers understand the mechanics of the young male voice and will be able to help you grow into and exercise your newfound voice.

  • What can I expect at the audition?

    First of all, we expect you to come prepared!  You will be singing two contrasting pieces (ex. slow tempo & fast tempo, classical & jazz).  Also, be prepared to take a short diagnostic music theory assessment and a brief ear-training test. If youneed musical accompaniment, please bring along a copy of the sheet music or bring a karaoke of the music on CD.

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