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Student Success Program at SSS


The Student Success Program at Sudbury Secondary offers a variety of supports to students. The Student Success Team consists of Student Success Teachers, Guidance Counsellors, Vice Principals, the Principal, the Program Leader of Special Education, the Attendance Counsellor and the Native Students Counsellor. We work together to help support all students in the school. Some supports that are available include:


• Study Hall - Extra help is available at lunch in Room 227

• Study Hall has computers and a printer available for students to use

• Students are also able to access the Student Success Study Hall during the day for extra one on one help in their classes if this is approved by their classroom teacher

• The Student Success Team tracks the progress of all grade 9-11 students on a monthly basis and meets with any students who are failing a class in order to offer extra help and support

• Students who have failed a course may be eligible for Credit Recovery and will work with the Student Success Teacher to recover a credit or several credits that were previously failed

• Senior students who have fallen behind in credit accumulation may work with the Student Success Teacher to complete Independent Learning Courses in order to get back on track to graduate

• The Student Success Team also works in collaboration with the Native Students’ Counsellor, the Attendance Counsellor and a Social Worker to provide ongoing support for students


If you have any questions and / or concerns regarding your son / daughter’s progress in a class and would like to know how the Student Success Program can help your child reach his / her full potential, please call Mrs. J. Lankshear at 674-7551 ext. 6832 or email at [email protected].

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