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Social Sciences


 History?  Geography?  Philosophy?  World Religions?  Parenting?  Anthropology?  Food and Nutrition?  Law?  World History?  All of these courses and many new courses from the updated curriculum are offered to students at Sudbury Secondary.  Some senior level course are offered during alternate years which allows us to offer a wider variety of social science courses.  So please carefully check the course options to plan ahead with your course choices.


 Students in social science course have been involved in school and community Remembrance Day ceremonies.  Moreover, some of our senior level students have been working with Red Oak Villa residents to form a unique community partnership.  Both groups have benefitted immensely from this connection.


 The Social Science and Family Studies departments offer a wide variety of course to students in all grades.  Students choosing senior level courses have a number of options available to them dn the teachers are taking full advantage of the SMARTBOARDS that have been installed in our rooms.  Find out more about the people and the world around you at Sudbury Secondary.


Act Locally and Think Globally!


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