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If you are thinking about Registering at Sudbury Secondary School, you may also wish to consider the Arts Education program. Please navigate through the website and review the information on our various academic and arts programming.  Registration forms are available to download.


We will be hosting a public OPEN HOUSE on January 18th, 2018 @ 6:30pm for you to visit the school,  meet school staff and view the facilities. If you have any questions please contact the: Principal at 705 674 7551 ext 6805 email:  deethb@rainbowschools.ca.


Grade 8 Arts Education Registration booklet (.pdf)

Grade 8 Regular Program Registration booklet (.pdf)

Grade 10 to 12 Regular Program Registration Course Calendar (.pdf)

Grade 9 Arts Registration form (.pdf)

Grade 9 Regular Program Registration form (.pdf)

Rainbow Schools Registration form (.pdf)

Arts Education Application form (.pdf)

SSS Option Sheet (.pdf)


** To register for Adult and Continuing Education please go here.



Arts Education Registration and Audition information


The admission process for the Arts Education Program consists of an interview with our principal, Mr. Bob Deeth or one of our VP's (Ms. Linda Goulais or Mr. Yves Poirier), followed by an interview with the applicable arts teacher.


**Please look over the following documents before the interviews:





Auditions for Admission to the Arts Education Program will take place on the following dates:


  • Wednesday February 7th from 3-5pm
  • Wednesday February 21st from 3-5pm
  • Tuesday March 6th from 3-5pm



Please contact Bob Deeth at 705-674-7551, ext. 6805 or deethb@rainbowschools.ca for more information and to book an audition.










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