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Post - Secondary Options


Every fall, Sudbury Secondary invites representatives of Ontario’s colleges and universities to meet with students so they have the opportunity research the colleges and universities of their choice. Students are encouraged to sign up for these sessions in the Guidance office.


Sudbury Secondary guidance counsellors also meet in late September with all college and university bound students to inform them of the application process and timelines to apply to Ontario colleges and universities.


Applying to College:


Ontario has 28 colleges that offer a wide range of courses that will train students for a specific career pathway. Course calendars from the colleges are available in the Guidance office to assist in selecting the college and the program that is right for you. Ms. Kath Salidas is the counsellor responsible for college applications. She can be reached at 705 674.7551 x 6814.


There is a $95.00 fee, payable to the Ontario Colleges Application Service, to apply to a maximum of 5 programs with no more than 3 programs at any one college.


Please visit www.ontariocolleges.ca  to register.


The application deadline for equal consideration is February 1st 2013.


Applying to University


Start your research of university programs at www.electronicinfo.ca. This site is an excellent start comparing programs at different universities. Here you will find a video to walk you through the research process.


To apply to university, a student must have 6 U or M grade 12 courses in order to apply. Most universities list required course for admission to a program so research is extremely important. Ms. De Faveri is the counsellor responsible for university applications. She can be reached at 705 674.7551 x 6812.


There is a $125 fee to apply to a maximum to 3 programs.  Each additional choice is $42.


Please visit www.ouac.on.ca/101 to register.


The application deadline for equal consideration is January 16th 2013.

For more information please consult with your Guidance counsellor.


Community Service Hours

Volunteering: Counting your 40 Hours of Community Service


Did you know that every secondary student in Ontario must complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service before graduation? Did you also know that there are many fun and exciting ways to get involved right here in your community?


To get a copy of the Student Volunteer Activity Sheet, please click here.


Benefits of Getting Involved


There are many great reasons to volunteer in your community. By getting involved, you will:


• Be making positive contributions to your community

• Learn more about an organization and its functions

• Explore different pathways and career options

• Get ready for the workforce

• Gain valuable work experience

• Network and get potential job opportunities

• Discover your strengths and develop your skills

• Build self-esteem and self-confidence

• Meet new people and make new friends

• Stay active

• Have fun







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