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The French Immersion Department


Our French Immersion students, in addition to the French language courses, can select courses from a broad range of subjects such as Healthy Active Living, Science, Civics and Careers as well as social science such as geography and history.  Throughout their four years students continue to improve their listening and speaking, reading and writing skills through a variety of activities including grammar and listening exercises, multi-media projects, and novel studies. Students participating in French Immersion will master both the English and French languages as well as be given an appreciation for French culture.


The benefits of a Second Language


• narrows achievement gaps

• benefits basic skills development

• benefits higher order, abstract and creative thinking

• enhances a student's sense of achievement

• helps students score higher on standardized tests

• promotes cultural awareness and competency

• improves chances of college acceptance, achievement and attainment 6

• enhances career opportunities


French Immersion Certificate Requirements= 10 courses over 4 years


French Immersion Course Descriptions (Link to course calendar for French Immersion)


Student Resources


• Mr. Sauve

• Ms. Robitaille

• Ms. Urso

• Mme Quesnel (Program Leader)



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