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Theatre Arts


Welcome to Theatre Arts


The theatre arts program offers a variety of courses designed to involve students in all aspects of drama/theatre - performing, creating and listening.  Students work towards developing a high level of performance ability while exploring a variety of style of theatre, drama conventions and production aspects of theatre.  Individual creativity is encouraged through the study of the elements of drama (character/role, focus, place and time, relationships and tension), improvisation techniques, role playing and script writing.  Theatre history topics broaden the student’s theatrical knowledge.  Exposure to a wide variety of live and recorded performances, guest artists,  festivals and performing opportunities, encourage the students to become well-rounded young artists.

Grade 9 and 10 focuses on process drama and in grade 11 and 12 we build on this foundation to progress from process drama to thearical performances with a focus on product.


Courses offered in drama:





Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
ADA107 Explore minor ADA3M7 ADA4M7



For all those that are interested, please visit our Arts Education website

  • Will I have to act in front of others?

    Yes.  Grade 9 students entering the program will be presenting various activities. At the beginning of the semester we focus on drama games to help build a community feeling and get to know each other so that when you perform in front of others you feel supported and at ease This helps the students overcome nervousness and contribute to the formation of a positive learning environment in the classroom. As we move through the semester, students become more comfortable perforing in front of others and exploring various drama conventions.

  • Will I have to memorize material?

    One fo the skills required of an actor is the ability to memorize lines from various scripts. We start developping this skill in grade 9 with smaller works and then build to whole plays.

  • Will I have to act in a play?

    Yes.  Students in the drama program will have the opportunity to get on our main stage to perform in a play and short scenes as a part of their class work. Students will als have the opportunity to join co-curricular musical/play outside of class-time.  These are done through an audition process.

  • Will I be required to get involved in the co-curricular after school?

    All arts students are required to join co-curricular arts activities each semester so that students can practice the skills they have acquired in their discipline.  All arts students and their parents sign an agreement/contract at the audition acknowledging that the student will be involved in co-curricular arts activities.

    The co-curricular groups are an important part of the Arts Education program and where most of the fun happens!  If you are not interested in joining one of the many co-curricular arts activities, (example: concert band, theatre groups, drawing or mural club, performing dance troupe, etc)

  • When do the rehearsals for the musical or plays occur?

    Usually we rehearse Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3-5pm. Depending on the complexity of the show, we also rehearse on the weekends, especially closer to the performances.


  • What kind of performance opportunities will I have?

    There are many performance opportunities throughout the year.  Students are encouraged to get involved as much as they can. Performances include; the musical, Variety, Special Awards Ceremony, Road Show, CTV/Lions Club Telethon, Christmas/Holiday Assembly, Coffee Houses, class recitals, Northern Ontario Music Festival, Kiwanis Music Festival, MusicFest Canada, Spring Music Concert, Let’s Dance, Rainbow District School Board Retirement Dinner and Graduation, just to name a few.

  • What can I expect at the audition?

    First of all, we expect you to come prepared!  You will be asked to memorize and perform a monologue from a list that we provide for you.

     Also, be prepared to improvise short scenarios... but don’t worry they are fun!

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