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Computer Studies and Web Design


SSS students have the opportunity to enroll in a very unique course called WEB DESIGN.  This course in interdisciplinary studies pulls expectations from a number of technological areas, giving us the opportunity to relay the latest and greatest digital design expertise.


Students develop Web-ready communication skills in graphics manipulation and animation, as well as web page development and design.  We take a project based approach to develop the knowledge needed to compete in the technological world of today.  Students gradually migrate their work from an individual process to a group process, leading to the creation of a dynamic and interactive website that meets client specifications for their business needs.


Computers control many systems that are essential in daily life.  They can be found in homes, offices, banks and stores and play a large role in business, communications, science and medicine.  As the range of computer applications continues to grow, so does the need for Computer Scientists.


At Sudbury Secondary School we offer a variety of Computer Science courses designed to introduce students to this exciting career field.  Students may first learn about Information Technology as part of the grade 9 Integrated Technology course and they can continue their studies in grade 10, 11 and 12  Computer Science courses.


Students use programming languages such as Visual Basic, Flash Actionscript and Java to create computer programs to learn about the stages in software design, the fundamental programming constructs of sequence, selection and repetition and other advanced programming constructs.  In addition, students learn about the functions of computer hardware components, the relationship among networks, operations systems and application software.


We realize that each person has the potential to utilize technology.  Our goal is to provide learning opportunities for each student to achieve their best!








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